1. Hours
    Weekdays 9-7 Saturdays 10-4
  2. Location
    1610 Saybrook Road Haddam, CT 06438 (860) 345-3000
Tan With Confidence
Sunny Buns Tanning offers a luxurious tanning experience for those who want the very best. We are a  Smart Tan Certified Salon. Our objective is to educate our customers about smart tanning and how to care for their skin to avoid sunburn.
  • High Quality Tanning Equipment
  • MysticTan Sunless Spray Booth
  • U.V. Teeth Whitening
  • Professional-grade Indoor Tanning Products
Outstanding Customer Service
We Clean Everything
Before every tanning session, each tanning room is carefully cleaned and sanitized. Our special disinfectant eradicates any reasonable chance of you coming in contact with any virus or infection.
Sunless Tanning
UV Tanning
At Sunny Buns Tanning we understand that the quality of light you receive while tanning can be drastically improved through regular lamp replacement. Plus the type of bulbs we equipt our tanning beds with are of the higheset quality available and will deliver more bronzing results to your skin.
Take the uncertainty out of sunless tanning. Cutting edge technology gives you flawless results in the privacy of an automated spray tan booth.
*No appointment necessary
*Last tan is 30 minutes before closing