FAR Infrared Sauna

FAR Infrared Saunas emit heat that is directly absorbed by the skin, allowing it to deeply penetrate muscles and tissue.

This heating methodology creates a rise in core body temperature without putting too much burden on your heart, producing  a detoxifying sweat and unlocking a variety of health benefits.

Sunny Buns Tanning & Spa is proud to offer private sessions in our luxurious, cedar wood sauna. Our spacious sauna is fully equipt with an interior temperature control panel, chromotherapy lighting, and MP3 compatable speakers.

 Sauna Socials:  Want to relax with friends?   You can bring up to 2 additional guests per session at a discounted rate!

Far Infrared Sauna BENEFITS

Anti-aging Effects
Infrared heat penetrates deeply in both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin, promoting both healing and collagen growth.  The result? reduced wrinkles, minimized pores, and an overall improvement in skin tone.
Cardiovascular Health
Thermal therapy can provide a wide range of cardiovascular benefits, such as, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, and enhanced vascular function. 
Weight Loss
Studies have shown that just one session in an infrared sauna can burn nearly 600 calories. The rise in core body temperature causes an increase in blood flow, boosts metabolism, burns calories, and helps you shed pounds without exerting yourself.
Wound Healing
Infrared therapy can accelerate and enhance the healing of external wounds by encouraging faster cell regeneration.  FAR infrared heat also reduces the risk of infection by bolstering the immune system.
Cellular Health
FAR Infrared therapy invigorates the circulatory system, allowing it to more efficiently provide oxygenated blood to our body's cells.  The nutrient rich blood optimizes cellular health and function, boosting our immune system and strengthening our ability to recover from muscle and tissue injuries.
Pain Relief
Recent studies have found that saunas provide relief from pain and stiffness associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases. Sauna therapy is highly effective in treating chronic pain, and is clinically proven to increase range of motion in joints, and speed up the recovery process in injured athletes.
Stress can have a major impact on your health and wellness, both physically and mentally. The gentle, soothing heat of the FAR Infrared Sauna is a great way to relax the mind and body, seting the foundation for a happier and healthier you!

 Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
Wearing something comfortable and minimal, like a bathing suit,  will help the 
infrared heat penetrate the body and allow your body to sweat freely.
Do you provide showers?
No. Showering immediately after a treatment is not recommened.
Your body will continue to sweat out toxins for up to an hour after a FAR Infrared Sauna session.
How safe is it?
Infrared is completely safe to use! That being said, if you have certain mediacal conditions, you should consult with your doctor before starting a sauna regimen. Such condition may include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular, hemophilia, anemia, reduced ability to sweat, and insensitivity to heat.
Is the sauna sanitary?
Yes. We provide clean towels and sanitize after every session. Plus, infrared light kills all bacteria and airborne germs!
How often can I use the sauna?
Our sauna can be used as an occasional treat or as part of your daily routine.
We recommend starting your sessions at 15 minutes allowing your body to adjust to the high temperatures. 
Do I need to hydrate?
Yes. You should drink plenty of water or drinks that contain electrolytes before and during your session!
*It is importantant to hydrate,  but best not to eat at least  60 minutes prior to treatment.