Introducing FIT Bodywrap!

The leader in Infrared Wellness Technogoly!
Relax your way to detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, and much more.

During a FIT Bodywrap session, FAR Infrared Heat is generated very close to the body.
This heat can penetrate 1-2 inches into the body, heating areas where fat and toxins
have been stored, without generating heat that is uncomfortable to the skin.

FIT Bodywrap is designed with 4 different zones to help you target different 
ares of the body. Each zone is temperature adjustable to an exact degree,
ensuring comfort and safety for your entire session.


Weight Loss
Lose more than just water weight!
Infrared 'melts' body fat by breaking it into smaller particles, which are then purged from the body through sweat. In addition to burning fat and calories, infrared can rebalance and increase your metabolism.

Studies have shown that sweat produced with infrared contains as much as 20% toxins!
That is in comparison to 3-5%toxins that are produced with traditional exercise.

Skin Rejuvenation
FIT Bodywrap can assist with delayed effectsof wrinkling, evening out pigmentation and improving skin elasticity, through oxigenation of tissue and increased blood flow. FIT Booster* amplifies these results by increasing microcirculation and helping reduce cellulite.

Pain Relief
Infrared can act directly on irritated nerve endings, calming them down and resulting in pain relief.
FIT Bodywrap can be an excellent service for those with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Pain and more.
Pain relief can typically be noticed within the first 30 minutes of a FIT Bodywrap session.

Infrared provides profound relaxation by aiding the body in maintaining healthy levels of cortisol.


We recommend drinking plenty of water Before, During, and After a FIT Bodywrap session. The body cannot produce sweat if it is dehydrated and the toxins expelled during each session should be replaced with water.

Consumer Release Form
If you would like to do a FIT Bodywrap session, but have health concerns about a medical condition you should be sure to consult your phyiscian prior to treatment. We require all FIT Bodywrap users to sign our consumer release form, which lists the conditions that may reult in treatment being inadvisable to you.

Prepare to Relax
Because, sessions are 60 minutes long, and you have been drinking plenty of water in  hydration prep, we highly recommend using the restroom prior to your FIT Bodwrap session!

FIT Booster
FIT Booster Spray contains ingredients that help enhance microcirculation, stimulate the breakdown of fat, and inhibit the accumulation of new fat! It is the key enhancement to your sessions.