Sunny Buns Tanning & Spa is Equipt with 7 Tanning Units, Organized into 4 Levels of Bronzing Power!

Everyone's skin is different. Using the Smart Tan Skin Typing System, we can help you determine the best indoor tanning regimine to achieve the look you want.  Our system is designed to get you the best possible tan while minimizing your risk of burning.

We understand the quality of light you recieve is key to maximum results!
We track our bulb usage, by the hour, to guarantee relamping is done well before the bulbs  reach the end of their life span.

Level 1 - Bed
-Budget Friendly  -15 Minute Max  -100 Watt Bulbs +2 Facials 
Level 2 - Bed
-Better Bronzing  -Powerful Body Fan  - 15 Minute Max  -120 Watt Bulbs +3 Facials
Level 2 -Stand Up
-Flawless Results  -Evens Tan Lines   -12 Minute Max  -Integrate Into Any Tanning Regimine
Level 3 - Bed
-Best Bronzing of Traditional Beds -12 Minute Max  -Built in AC  -160 Watt Bulbs +3 Adjustable Facials
Level 4 - High Pressure 
-Facial Tanning Technology Delivered to your Entire Body  -15 Minute Max  -Non-claustraphobic Design

Why should I use tanning lotion?
Exposure to UV light, whether in a tanning bed or outside, can have a drying effect.  Dry skin reflects light, and does not allow UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when a lotion is applied.  Indoor tanning lotions are specially formulated to provide advanced tanning technologies aiding the skin to develope a faster, darker tan. 
*Please Note! Only professional tanning lotions are allowed in our salon. 

Do I have to wear goggles?
Yes! Your eyelids are thin and do not effectivley block UV light.  Approved Goggles or Wink-Ease are required to avoid ill effects such as reduced color vision and night blindness.  Sunny Buns Tanning & Spa offers both options in eye protection at prices that fit any budget.

Will I have to clean my own bed?
No, we are a full service salon!  We sanitize after every session with hospital grade disinfectant.

Can I tan twice in one day?
'Double Dipping' is never allowed.  However, you can enjoy a UV session along with any of our spa treatmenst back to back!